Tropical seas and sunny days: What more does your girlfriend group really need Diani Beach is top-notch destination for a girls’ getaway, as you’re guaranteed to have a good time from sun up to sundown. Spend some quality time with the incredible women in your life by taking a trip together!

No list of girls’ getaway destinations in Kenya would be complete without an exclusive sunset cruise. Get a chance to witness the magnificent sunset from Funzi Island. Watch the sunset and toast to many more years to friendship and laughter. Go snorkeling and meet the magical underwater world. This is an ideal spot for snapping Instagram photos with your friends, and the snorkeling and sunset snaps just cannot be beat.

After spending a few exhilarating days snorkeling, and hiking with your girl friends, you enter a place where stress falls away as you give in to relaxing indulgence of the spa. Treat yourselves to have some of the finest massages, working to alleviate the aches and pains.

Just imagine being on board with your besties, sipping on cocktails, having spa treatments and enjoying views at sea and onshore. Your girls’ getaway is going to be something else indeed, something that you’ll all remember as the best retreat you’ve ever had. The memories you make together will genuinely be one of a kind.