Lose the shoes, Grab the Booze, Let’s Cruise!!!

Men’s Booze Cruise is one of the more unique activities available to you on a visit to Diani Beach, Kenya.

Getting out on the water on our Booze Cruise is a great way to see the sights of Diani whist enjoying beer or wine!

This excursion trip involves hopping on a boat and touring the coastline of Diani and ends with Mbuzi Choma BBQ on a cliff.

Guests can also play their music through their phones which can be plugged into the boat’s built in sound system.

Other activities on the tour include snorkeling and jet skiing at an extra cost.

Whether you’re celebrating something special, like a bachelor’s party, celebrating a birthday party, or you’re just looking to enjoy a booze cruise, this is the cruise for you!

What a better way to spend a sunny afternoon or kick the evening off in style than a booze cruise with all your mates?

The tour is reasonably priced and it is inclusive of:

  • Exclusive Cruise
  • Free bar: Beers, Wine, Spirits, Soft drinks, Water
  • Toilet on board
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Boat rental
  • Mbuzi Choma BBQ
  • Drinking games
  • Chef to grill
  • Professional Host